Project Management

Vineyards & Project Management

Vineyards & Project Management

It is important that owners and managers know what is deliverable on a daily basis, and therefore vital that each task is analysed and fully understood to allow realistic targets to be agreed. Organisation, planning and deployment are essential to a cost effective operation.

Paul Woodrow-Hill (Vineyard consulting) and Mihaela Chitu (formerly Vineyard Works) are working together to provide a total package – which includes vineyard management and the complete range of vineyard services including:

Tractor drivers and machine operators
  • Trellis installation and repair
  • Tractor drivers and machine operators
  • Spray operators
  • Pruning
  • Tying down
  • Bud rubbing
  • Canopy management
  • Grape picking

These are carried out by a dedicated and experienced team together with supervisors to oversee operations on a daily basis.

So whatever your viticultural needs, Fruits-of-Labour can provide them all!


Grape picking

Based in the South of England, covering Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Essex, Fruits of Labour are here to help you when you need those extra labour inputs at key times during the season. Our teams have been working together for 5 years or more in the UK and have togetherness unequalled by other labour providers.

The results are that whatever the sector, or whatever the task our team always conduct themselves professionally and carry out tasks quickly and efficiently.

Whether it's in working in the top or soft fruit sectors we're sure you'll be impressed by our first class work ethic!

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